Delaware Concrete Coating has developed a tried and true method for providing you with beautiful seamless concrete floor system for your garage or commercial floor. 

It takes about 2-3 days to complete this process. We ensure that at the end of the process your floors will look amazing and will last for years. For more information about our products or process, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Step One: The existing concrete must first be prepared before the epoxy can be applied. Our technicians will begin by grinding the surface. This removes any old coating and creates a porous surface free from existing chips or small surface cracks. Larger cracks, divot and joint repairs will be completed at this time too. This step must be completed diligently in order for a durable finish.

Step Two: Next a primer is applied to the prepared concrete. The primer bonds with the concrete to prepare for the epoxy coat.

Step Three: The bond coat needs to cure. When it has cured, a polymer color coat, the epoxy, and any decorative chips are applied and left to dry overnight. This completes the first day of the application process.

Step Four: Day Two begins by preparing the polymer color coat applied during Day One. The technician is sanding the chips to achieve the desired texture before applying the clear coat.

Step Five: Next one to two clear poly-hybrid coats are applied to ensure that the epoxy is sealed properly.

After 24 or 48 hours, the surface can return to regular use. Make sure to clean the surface periodically to ensure debris does not build up on the surface. Cleaning your floors is as simple as mopping with 1 cup of vinegar per gallon of warm or cold water and allowing the floor to dry. Our epoxy coating should last upwards of fifteen years if cared for correctly. That’s twice what a traditional concrete floor coating lasts.

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